My Time at Rhizome

Hi, everyone.

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that next month I'll
be stepping down from some (though not all!) of my responsibilities at

Later today Lauren will post a job announcement for the position of
full-time editor. I am scaling-back to a part-time position as
Curator-at-Large and I will also act as one of Rhizome's regular staff
writers. In my revised position I'll continue to organize programs and
events on behalf of Rhizome at our affiliate, the New Museum of
Contemporary Art, and at partner venues in the US and abroad.

My two and a half years at Rhizome have been so enriching and I'm
proud of the work my amazing colleagues and I have done to take
Rhizome's publications and programs to an even higher level. I don't
want to say too many goodbye-like things because I'm not leaving, I'm
just transitioning to a role that will allow me to continue
contributing to an organization I love while giving myself more time
to focus on my own art practice and to finish my dissertation.

Please stay tuned for announcements of some exciting programs on the
horizon. Until then, I'll see you on the front page!



, Michael Szpakowski

I'm sad to hear this in one way - it's boring to keep saying it but I will again: the current regime, Lauren, you, Patrick has been an unequivocal force for good.
Rhizome has felt more open, approachable, accountable &c &c plus there's been lots of constructive innovation.
I'm glad though that you'll have more time to spend on doing art..
best wishes

, Lauren Cornell

Hi everyone,

I wanted to follow up Marisa's note about her transition. While she will still be working for Rhizome as a regular writer and curator-at-large, I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the great work she's done as Editor and Curator over the past two and a half years. Together with Patrick May and the rest of our staff, Marisa's passionate dedication to this field has helped take Rhizome to another level. Her curated programs, including the exhibitions Networked Nature and The Gif Show and illuminating panels such as Sousveillance Culture at this year's Conflux Festival, sparked critical conversations and put forth new arguments for what new media art can be. Readership to our different publications,
which she oversaw, increased thanks to timely, provocative coverage by a great group of writers. Her deep commitment to Rhizome, the community we serve and our history was evident in everything she did and exemplified in projects like the Tenth Anniversary Festival, which she co-organized, and in overall questions related to the organization's direction. So, a big thanks to Marisa for all her hard work and tireless championing of new media art. It will be an adjustment for me to have her as my part-time not constant collaborator—but I'm wishing her the best as she focuses more on her art and other projects!