manetas desktop signature (2003)

turn your computer into a manetas ready made!

take the signature: http://www.afterscreen.com

you can drag it around on your desktop and change the date by clicking on it.

right-click to close it. for PC only.

send a picture of your desktop with the manetas signature to

be included at the upcoming "afterScreen" Book. (demo)

* I am looking for a programmer who can make it work for Mac,

please contact [email protected] if you are interested.


, M. River

Miltos Manetas wrote:

> manetas desktop signature (2003)

MTAA, 1999

nice work miltos, btw.
we need a HCCA comeback



cool. miltos noticed that we're using a creative commons license on
mteww.com :-)

if you're using a Mac you can use the "Blind Remote Kinetic Digital
Image" http://www.mteww.com/signature/index_brkdi.html (ours isn't
as cool technically (like, you can't move it and stuff), but it sure
is cross platform)

better yet, use the "Blind Remote Kinetic Digital Image" and then lay
Miltos' on top! whoa, conceptual feedback, does not compute, does not
compute :-) i think if you use this strategy it definitely qualifies
as HCCA :-)

btw, if you're going to do an 'Update' it's polite to include the
original artists name. like MTAA has done updates of On Kawara and
Vito Acconci, we call 'em onKawaraUpdate and etc.

respectfully suggest "Manetas Desktop Signature (MTAAupdate) 2003" :-)

this is excellent. i'm gonna put it on my PC at work and send some screenshots.

At 14:06 -0400 7/16/03, M. River wrote:
>Miltos Manetas wrote:
>> manetas desktop signature (2003)
>MTAA, 1999
>nice work miltos, btw.
>we need a HCCA comeback