The I-Node Planetary Collegium

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The I-Node of the Planetary Collegium - Plymouth University in Greece
Within the context of transdisciplinary and syncretism, I-Node promotes the integration of art, science, technology and consciousness research in post-biological culture.
The PhD Programme of the Planetary Collegium of the University of Plymouth on the island of Kefalonia - Greece.

Trans-disciplinary strategies towards art, science, technology, and consciousness research.
General Information
As an integral part of Planetary Collegium, I-Node is concerned with advance inquiry in the transidisciplinary space between the arts, technology and the sciences with consciousness research an integral component of the overall work.

All part-time doctoral research candidates attend three mandatory ten-day face-to-face Composite Sessions each year over a continuous three year period.
Typically, each session involves three days of individual research updates presented for discussion by the group; a three stage critique by all members of the group in respect of each other’s work; individual supervisory tutorials; and a two-day public symposium.

Doctoral candidates are required to submit progress reports to the University of Plymouth Research Committee at regular intervals.

To this end, I-Node implements a total Planetary Collegium’s curriculum be maintaining the academic standards, values and principles of Plymouth University; providing a PhD programme aligned exclusively to Plymouth University’s regulations.