The I-Node at College Art Association Meeting

  • Location:
    Hilton Hotel,Sutton Parlor Center, 2nd floor, Manhattan, New York, US

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In 387 B.C., Plato founded the Academy in Athens, which for a thousand years had been the intellectual center of the world. At the entrance to the Academy, there was a sign that said “Let no one inept to geometry come in”.
The presentation deals with the question of how the pursuit of knowledge might include interaction with the other, the practice of collaborative inquiry, within the frame of Plato’s geometry. In this respect, the model of the Planetary Collegium stands in a privileged place, where the right to philosophy is not simply authorized, but actually developed.
With its location in Greece, the birthplace of democracy, the I-Node gives a new value to the Planetary Collegium . However this value has less to do with locality and much more with the catalytic energy, which democracy and philosophy offer towards the liberated dissemination of knowledge at large.