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Carnegie Mellon University's School of Art encourages experimentation and hybrid practices, as well as the history and traditions of art. Practice and theory are integrated aspects of study in all degree programs. The relationship between content and form is investigated from both practical and theoretical perspectives.

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- Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) 4-year

- Interdisciplinary undergraduate arts degrees
Bachelor of Humanities & Arts (BHA)
Bachelor of Science & Arts (BSA)
Bachelor of Computer Science & Arts (BCSA)

- Master of Fine Arts (MFA) 3-year
#1 MFA in Multimedia #7 MFA Program overall (US News & World Report)

The School of Art is one of 5 schools in the College of Fine Arts (CFA) at Carnegie Mellon University including: Architecture, Design, Drama and Music. Founded in 1905, the College was the first comprehensive arts teaching institution in the US.

A faculty of more than 30 active professionals, 200 undergraduates, 18 graduates, 10 administrative/technical staff, affiliate research institutions, and diverse alumni make up our growing family. Friends always welcome.