Denis Santelli

Member Since October 28, 2006

Since 2005 creator and coordinator with Michele Waquant of "Combinatoire(s)" research laboratory of new media art at the Superior National School of Arts Paris-Cergy-ENSAPC. Member of the jury for the entrance examinations in 2005.Associate Professor at the University Léonard de Vinci Paris la Défense International institute of Multimedia / IIM. Methodology of creation - artistic Direction - on-line Publication. Jury in 2005.In the 90s - Teacher in graphics design to The higher institute of Applied arts / LISAA (Paris ) whom I left to live in Andalusia - Trainer of the staffs of the Ministry of Education - Professor of art in schools to Suresnes. - Creator and professor of the studio of art in the museum of the Fine art of Lille which preserves very beautiful Goyas.After a Superior National Diploma of Art ( DNSEP) master degree to the College of Art of Tourcoing I am a decorator for the theater and the audiovisual production while continuing to play with the language BASIC on an old Amstrad CPC 464. In 90 from the acquisition of my first Macintosh, I came gradually from the painting to the production of images on computer. Since that moment sleepless nights for various agencies of multimedia creation, Public Images steered by Laurent Broomhead, the graphic studio Luze and Lerner, Hippocampe …By discovering Camarón de la Isla at a German artist, Rebecca Horn, I am interested by the music of the gypsies of Andalusia. I learn the guitar with Yerbita, Marino, Felipe el France, and the immense Pascual de Lorca. I accompany the dancing lessons of Carmen Alvarez and Raquel Gomez, I play for " La Conchi " in concert, but also in peñas and bars of Cordoba and Sacromonte of Granada with Yerbita at Habichuela. I remember of an afternoon, in the heart of Albaycin, spent to accompany an unknown gypsy of Barcelona, but who sang por tango to make you weaken.Of return in France, I live from graphic design for Internet, I develop an expertise in the interactive design with clients in the field of high technologies and in the public sector (IDF Regional Council, Ministries).In 2001 I begin my first programmed paintings by creating the site In 2005 I participate in the Muséum Beaubourg, Center Pompidou at the presentation of WJ-ing imagined by Anne Roquigny, and to the project " mkyoto " Company of the technological arts [ SAT] Montreal, Canada for the Conference of United Nations.I present since 2005 my, researchs and experiments were inspired by an environmental and scientific questioning.I have 2 children, I live and work in Paris.