Timo Tuhkanen

Member Since February 15, 2015

Timo Tuhkanen (b.1983) is a composer and performer residing in Helsinki, Finland. He workes with new concepts and possibilities in between classical music and contemporary art.He has performed, and his work has been shown and performed among other places in WeeGee Emma Museum, Espoo, Finland; La Sala Metro, Valencia, Spain; FILE Electronic Language Festival, São Paolo, Brazil; Forum Wellis Contemporary Music Festival, Leuk, Switzerland; Moscow Philharmonic, Moscow, Russia; Alvar Aalto -museum, Jyväskylä, Finland; and Musica Nova Festival, Helsinki, Finland.He also works under several pseudonyms online and has published music, literature, poetry, film, 3D, as well as edited and published works of others under the publishing name Pteron Press or Ever Books.He occasionally writes about things in his blog http://acutethics.blogspot.com