a blue poster with a blurry image of Holly Herndon, accompanied by white text with details and participants in a conference at The Centre Pompidou
Image courtesy of Kadist

The future isn't what it used to be

Centre Pompidou | Galerie 3 

Place Georges-Pompidou, 75004 Paris

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This Thursday, July 13 at 3pm CEST, Rhizome Co-Executive Director Michael Connor will participate in The future isn’t what it used to be, a conference exploring AI and text-to-image technologies. This conference marks the launch of a three year collaboration between The Centre Pompidou and KADIST, and will feature an evening of video screenings and conversation. 

At 4:25pm CEST Connor will be in conversation with Nouf Aljowaysir and Mashinka Firunts Hakopian, author of Institute for Other Intelligences, which held its book launch at the New Museum in March. 

Later at 7:45pm CEST, he will speak with Juan Obando, Carlos Amorales, Holly Herndon and Mathew Dryhurst. 

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