The Silent Barn

Mon Oct, 14 2013, 8PM - Tue Oct, 15 2013, 12AM

Extreme Animals/David Wightman and Jacob Ciocci‬ present the final stop on their IRLALIENS TOUR aka THE WETWARE TOUR aka TOUR.ZIP:Decompressed aka “Party Rats: Perfect For Night Blogging:” The Tour/The Experience aka AWAY FROM KEYBOARD: THE TOUR, Not the Hacker Movie, tHE LIFESTYLE, aka “COMPUTER DREAMS NATION by COPYRIGHT YOUTH”, aka Don’t Forget to Download All Your Tweets From the Cloud before the Cloud Falls on You: The Tour. The evening will feature performances by Labanna Babalon, LilInternet, Aaron Kolfage from Top8Friends, Molly Soda, Ben Aqua, and, of course, Extreme Animals. $7 cover at the door. From the organizers:
The idea for this tour stems from a realization we had last year that we don’t watch TV for entertainment anymore, we instead watch people on Facebook, twitter, tumblr, etc. We all have these people in our various social media feeds: “super users”, “over posters”, the ones who are always sharing. We invited the 5 people who are always in our feeds, whose posts we also consistently “like.”

We are interested in trying to create a physical-world performance space that is closer to the experience of Tumblr than to the experience of the Club, that embraces rather than erases all of the awkwardness, banality, and domesticity of the Tumblr or web 2.0 cam-performance. No stages, no hyper-loud sound systems, no fancy light rigs. Instead these shows will be intimate, quiet, and raw in the best way possible (like the best cam-vids).

We believe that this shift in venue actually increases the potential for transformative, radical socializing to occur—the same kind of futuristic socializing that happens every day on Tumblr. The idea is that the freedom of internet “space” is emulated IRL. When you take performance outside of the Club and into non-conventional spaces, expectations are erased, creating potential for what Hakim Bey calls the "Temporary Autonomous Zone." This isn’t about these artists playing for the most people in the best venues, but rather about these Super Users connecting with their followers and “likers” in the physical world, in an intimate and new setting. Breaking down the 5th wall, the laptop.
Other dates in the mini-tour:
Friday, October 11th: Baltimore, MD, at Club Mnemonic

Saturday, October 12th: Blacksburg, VA, house show

Sunday, October 13th: Philadelphia (Haverstown), PA, house show

This tour is supported by a 2013-2014 Rhizome | Tumblr Internet Art Commission Grant.