Fri Jan, 20 2006, 5:39PM - 5:39PM

Computer-generated music made with 8-bit and 32-bit technologies come together in this evening of video and multimedia performance. Employing a range of materials, be they hacked Atari consoles or more recent software, the artists demonstrate a common interest in 'dirt style' and bringing the obsolete to colorful and rhythmic life. Presenting opposing ends of the hi-tech (laptops) to low-end (craptops) spectrum, the line-up will reveal how blurry the ratio of bits involved in sound production can become. Can you tell whether the sizzle of static or a chorus of 8-bit bleeps has been made with the Nintendo Gameboy you trashed or the G5 you covet? Join us on January 2th to test your ears and eyes. With videos by Paper Rad, Treewave, and E*Rock. Live performances by LoVid, Bit Shifter, Nullsleep, Y.A.C.H.T. and NOTENDO.

Organized by Ashley Colgate for Rhizome