entropy8zuper!, Whispering Windows, 1999. Screenshot, 2024, Netscape 4.79 on Windows 98 SE, http://entropy8zuper.org/godlove/whispers/.

Rhizome x MoMI Present ArtBase Anthologies in conversation with Auriea Harvey

Onassis ONX Studio

Olympic Tower Atrium Gallery 645 Fifth Ave New York, NY 10022

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On Wednesday, April 3, join us at Onassis ONX, New York (and online!) for a conversation about net art history and conservation with artist Auriea Harvey, hosted by Rhizome in partnership with Museum of the Moving Image. The event marks the launch of ArtBase Anthologies, Rhizome’s new initiative offering perspectives on digital art history through selected works.

After early encounters with digital culture thanks to text adventure games and the Parsons computer lab, Auriea Harvey began creating her own online work in the 1990s. She designed the first websites for musicians like Janet Jackson, Depeche Mode, and Lenny Kravitz; and created digital artworks that explored narrative, character, and the sculptural qualities of networks. In 1999, she teamed up with Michaël Samyn to form the artist duo Entropy8Zuper!, the first iteration of a collaboration that continues to this day.

Over the past year, Rhizome undertook a major restoration of early online artworks by Harvey and Entropy8Zuper! for an online exhibition from Rhizome and an ongoing solo show at Museum of the Moving Image. Learn about how Rhizome preserves early works of net art, the challenges of presenting born-digital art within a museum context, and the curatorial decisions at play in this body of work. Harvey will be joined by Rhizome Co-Executive Director Michael Connor, MoMI Associate Curator of Media Art Regina Harsanyi, and Rhizome Director of Digital Preservation Dragan Espenschied.

Following the talk, at 3pm Harvey will lead a special tour of her survey, Auriea Harvey: My Veins Are The Wires, My Body Is Your Keyboard, at MoMI.

This event is free and open to the public, and light refreshments will be served. RSVP to the IRL event or livestream.

ArtBase Anthologies is made possible with support from Teiger Foundation


Onassis ONX is an accelerator for a global community of member artists who create immersive XR and AI works. This hybrid experimentation, production and exhibition space is located in the Olympic Tower in Midtown Manhattan and was founded in 2020 in partnership between the Onassis Foundation and NEW INC. Onassis ONX now exists as a project of Onassis Culture, working in partnership with organizations in New York, including New York University’s Tandon School, Games for Change, NEW INC, Rhizome, and MAX, as well as with global institutions such as IDFA, CPH:DOX, DiMoDA, and others. Offering development funding, state-of-the-art facilities, advocacy, and community for an international community of artists from a broad range of disciplines, Onassis ONX has become an influential hub and manifestation of the dynamism of a new global interdisciplinary artistic ecosystem.

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Watch event documentation: Conversation at Onassis ONX: Wednesday, April 3rd 12:30PM