Our Friend The Computer Zine Launch!

Rhizome Discord and Twitch


Join us on Saturday, April 20 at 12pm ET in the Rhizome Discord to celebrate the launch of a new zine by Our Friend The Computer, a research-based podcast exploring lesser-known histories of computation, hosted by Ana Meisel and Camila Galaz

Ana and Camila will be joined by Bri Griffin, Rhizome Community Designer, where they’ll discuss alternative tech history, lessons they’ve learned over the course of the podcast’s four seasons, and their favorite tech initiatives. This event also marks the second anniversary of OFtC! 

This event will be hosted in the Rhizome Discord and Streamed to Twitch. This event will be recorded.

RSVP for a Google calendar invitation for this online event.

Our Friend The Computer is a research-based podcast exploring alternative and under-known stories from the history of computing, promoting digital and historical literacy and forefronting stories from diverse countries and groups. OFtC is a sister project of the Media Archaeology Lab at the University of Colorado and represented by Camila as a Y10 Incubator Member of NEW INC

Camila Galaz is an Australian-Chilean researcher, writer, and multimedia artist based in New York and Ana Meisel is a web developer and technologist from Czechia, based in London, UK.