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Katrina Sluis

An interview with artist Zach Blas.

William Kherbek

"A lot of what I do relates to the emergence of things."

Rob Horning and Amalia Ulman

"Authenticity grounded in artless spontaneity...can be replaced by authenticity which is constituted by strategy ...

Michael Connor

A five-month social media performance inspired by extreme makeover culture.


Topics and people discussed in our ephemeral blog posts in August 2014.

Orit Gat

"This is a moment for us to reevaluate economic relationships online, not reproduce them again ...

Daniel Rourke

"Are you in search of redemption for your social-media self? Or is it the soul ...

Zoë Salditch

Last week, we kicked off our annual Community Campaign with the announcement of a new ...

. Experiment

Lisa Dent

An interview with curator James Voorhies, who is the Director and Chief Curator of Bureau ...

. Opinion

Michelle Kasprzak

An overview of the sixth Video Vortex conference, devoted to topics surrounding online video, held ...

. First Look

Ceci Moss

From March 17-30th at 319 Scholes, READ/WRITE will celebrate the last 1+ year of ...