. Black Boxes to Open Systems

Nellie Killian & Jon Dieringer

All images: Masao Adachi smokes a cigarette, screenshot on Zoom, from an evening copresented by ...

. Black Boxes to Open Systems

Nimrod Vardi & Rebecca Edwards

Installation View: Hosted (2020) in "Best Effort Network," at arebyte in March 2020. 70-frame animation ...

. Black Boxes to Open Systems

Paolo Pedercini

As 2020 comes to a close, and we mark nearly one year of navigating the effects ...

Michael Connor

The online exhibition is connected to a broader field and history of exhibition-making, but is ...

. Net Aesthetics

Alexander Iadarola

Listening during, with, and for the quar.

. Net Aesthetics

Xin Liu

Xin Liu reflects on information flows between China and the U.S. and distributing PPE ...

. Net Aesthetics

Trevor McFedries

The first in a series of dispatches from Rhizome contributors under COVID-19 isolation.