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Celine Katzman

Celine Katzman interviews Angela Washko.

Mariam Naziripour

Mariam Naziripour explores the 2002 anti-war game mod ’Velvet-Strike’ in its political context.

Dragan Espenschied

New Webrecorder release introduces support for seamlessly combining resources from multiple public web archives and ...

Dragan Espenschied

The latest release of Webrecorder features exciting new options for working with historic resources from ...

Michael Connor

An interview with artist Mai Ueda about her role in Neen.

Lauren Studebaker

An interview with Rafaël Rozendaal about his role in Neen.

Lauren Studebaker

An interview with Andreas Angelidakis about his role in Neen.

domenico quaranta

Even if Neen shouldn’t be understood as a subgenre of net art, it had ...

. Experiment

Aria Dean

An interview with Nikola Tosic about Neen.

. Opinion

Alec Recinos

Alec Recinos interviews Jennifer and Kevin McCoy about ‘Airworld’ for Net Art Anthology.

. First Look

Kyle Thomas Hinton

In the feedback loop of the lonely narrator and electronically wired paths and deserts in ...