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Michael Connor

On hypertext and memory in Olia Lialina's groundbreaking 1996 work.

Anders Carlsson

How Eduardo Kac's 1985 Videotexto work 'Reabracadabra' came to be.

Jason Huff

"It's easier to wash your hands of something when it’s offline. The operative ...

Claire L. Evans

VNS Matrix's groundbreaking 1990s cyberfeminist work examined in the context of manifestos, worldbuilding, and ...

Michael Connor

Net Art Anthology, Rhizome's two-year online exhibition of net art history, launches with a ...

Webrecorder Team

No Flash, no Java, no problem!


A symposium exploring the state of art and technology today.

Fiona Shipwright

An artist profile of Ingrid Burrington by Fiona Shipwright.

. Experiment


Major forthcoming online exhibition to retell the story of net art.

. Opinion


Proven ability to find, share interesting links a plus.

. First Look

Paul Soulellis

Portraits of digital service workers by Elisa Giardina Papa.