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Tanner Howard

In James Bridle’s ‘New Dark Age,’ AI lies between the pit of man's ...

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Alexander Iadarola

Image: Sean Raspet, Fruit Intersection Average: (Apple ( ) Pear), 2013 - 2014.

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Grants will be awarded in three categories: net art, VR, and poetry.

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Michael Connor

This article accompanies the inclusion of Constant Dullaart’s The Revolving Internet in the online exhibition Net Art Anthology.

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Brendan C. Byrne

Allison Parrish’s new book offers “random walks” through over two million lines of poetry ...

Nora Khan

Nora Khan in conversation with Tracy Chou and Kate Ray about their mutual interest in ...

Alice Bucknell

“Welcome to the future of Seasteading.”

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Lauren Studebaker

A conversation with exonemo about their work Natural Process (2004), featured in Net Art Anthology.

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Rhizome is very excited to announce today’s release of an updated and expanded version of ...

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Gaby Cepeda

This article accompanies the inclusion of Electronic Disturbance Theater 2.0 and b.a.n ...

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Simone Krug

 Simone Krug in conversation with the Moroccan multimedia artist Meriem Bennani.

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Michael Connor

Petra Cortright & Carl Tashian at Seven on Seven 2018 (Photo: Ryan Duffin)