. The Download

Julia Weist & Nestor Siré

A series of new artworks are released simultaneously on Rhizome and Cuba’s El Paquete ...

. Reports

Arshy Azizi

Arshy Azizi reports on several exhibitions that address technology in the ambitious Southern California-wide series ...

. Events

Julia Weist

The challenges facing two Cuban artists en route to NYC for a New Museum event.

. Net Art Anthology

Michael Connor

Jayson Musson talks about Philadelphia, grad school, and the start of ‘Art Thoughtz’

. Net Art Anthology

Alexander Iadarola

Musson's 'Art Thoughtz' remains powerful due in equal measure to its hilarity, historicity, and ...

. Digital Preservation

Zachary Kaplan

The largest gift in Rhizome’s history will support Webrecorder’s implementation in institutional contexts ...

. Net Aesthetics

manuel arturo abreu

manuel arturo abreu discusses modernism, violence, reparations, Blackness, and Black art in the context of ...

. Net Art Anthology

Alec Recinos

The key to the sublime in Rafman’s work lies in the way the indifferent ...

. Reports

Lucy Sollitt

Lucy Sollitt reports on ethical discussions around blockchain and the art world at the DAOWO ...

. Reports

Danni Shen

Danni Shen reports on left gallery’s role in the Bitcoin- and blockchain-fueled landscape of ...

. sevenonseven


Line-up and Details for the 10th Edition of 7×7 to be announced on Monday, April ...

Pastiche Lumumba

Pastiche Lumumba looks back on Beyoncé's pregnancy announcement and a Best Picture bait-and-switch. Nothing ...