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Matthew Fuller

Notes on I/O/D 4: The Web Stalker


Three winners chosen by our jury.

Simone Krug

CybeRoberta and Tillie distribute the act of viewing across the apparatus of the network.

Karen Archey

A historical look at the origin of the Dollie Clones.

Simone Krug

This interview accompanies the presentation of Mongrel's Blacklash and Heritage Gold as a part ...

manuel arturo abreu

BlackLash gamified the nightmare deep at the heart of white multiculturalism: black retribution.


Experimental animation in mobile virtual reality

manuel arturo abreu

Mongrel’s 'Heritage Gold' and the Commodification of Identity

Ingrid Burrington

It's hard to ignore the aesthetic similarity between BIT Plane's grainy video footage ...

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Convening luminary artists, writers, activists, and scholars to discuss how technology is transforming culture, Open ...

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Josephine Bosma

Known for his sense of humor and his clever art interventions, Shulgin acted as a ...

. First Look


We’ve reached the twilight hours of Barack Obama’s presidency.