. Net Aesthetics

Xin Liu

Xin Liu reflects on information flows between China and the U.S. and distributing PPE ...

. Net Aesthetics

Trevor McFedries

The first in a series of dispatches from Rhizome contributors under COVID-19 isolation.

. Money as Medium

Francis Tseng

Francis Tseng explores whether the "meta-scam" can repair institutionalized inequalities.

. First Look


In partnership with Chronus Art Center (CAC) and a group of international contemporary art spaces ...

. Info-Wars

Zoe Dubno

Short fiction from writer Zoe Dubno, commissioned for Rhizome's print publication WEAK SIGNALS.

. First Look

Aria Dean

Four online exhibitions to explore from Rhizome and the New Museum's First Look program ...

. Reports

Jacob Bolton

Jacob Bolton reports from Transmediale 2020 in Berlin.

Zachary Kaplan

On February 25, 2020 at Forlini's, Rhizome's members community gathered at Forlini's ...

. Info-Wars


Info-Wars, which was curated by Aria Dean and supported by Seth Stolbun and the Stolbun ...

. Info-Wars

Michael Connor

Following the event “After the End of History,” which brought together four Gen Z ...

. Partnerships


Artworks by Constant Dullaart and Ryan Kuo respond to the theme of disinformation

. Music

Alexander Iadarola

Alexander Iadarola explores EDM and financial capitalism's entanglement after the crash.