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Michael Connor

The final work in the "Brushes" online exhibition.


Commissions, events, conservation, and a new website in fall 2015.

William Kherbek

For us, the barrier is a much richer object, conceptually speaking...

Michael Connor

The Difference Clouds filter: not just for making halos of fire anymore.


A new event looks at Blockchain beyond bitcoin.

Caroline Sinders

The game anticipated—even invited—its own destruction.

Michael Connor

Sampled brushstrokes from historical paintings appear in a collage that evokes a contemporary experience of ...

Orit Gat

I want to build my work to a place where the multiplicity of references and ...

Michael Connor

Gifs from paintings from gifs from paintings from gifs...

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Announcing Rhizome's new Executive Director

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Anton Haugen

The DullTech media player as sign and symptom of kickstarted internet labor.

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Gaby Cepeda

I'm #OutHere, you know.