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Michael Connor

The projects and ideas from Seven on Seven 2016


 A special dinner celebrating Seven on Seven, hosted by Chopt Creative Salad Company.

Javier Fresneda

Our attention is not focused on a singular image, but is distributed along the image ...

Eleanor Ford

The latest in a series of interviews with artists who have a significant body of ...

Paul Soulellis

The Download is a series of Rhizome commissions that considers posted files, the act of ...

Nora N. Khan

On Bad Corgi, an artist's app that exercises your anxiety.

Chloe O'Neill

Artist Profile: Colin Self by Chloe O'Neill

. Experiment


Rhizome is pleased to announce the Seven on Seven keynote for 2016.

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Lauren Cornell

A speculative proposition by João Enxuto and Erica Love for First Look: New Art Online.