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Michael Connor

A browser-based game that weaves a dreamlike personal narrative populated by iconic female characters from ...

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Michael Connor

On “Redirección,” an online exhibition for Colombia’s Salón Nacional.

. Info-Wars


“The future for capitalism, if there will be a future for it at all, is ...

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Aria Dean

'Meat Growers' centers on a fictional tale of love and longing between two coworkers in ...

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Zachary Kaplan

Announcing a launch partnership with Infinite Objects, a company making video prints, “a new way ...

. Info-Wars

C. Pyo and Vil

Leftcom zoomers’ view of the next 25 years.

. Net Art Anthology

Lauren Studebaker

Kai Altmann on the aesthetic formulas of ‘Garden Club’ and ‘R-U-In?s’

. Net Aesthetics

Lana Polansky

Lana Polansky on virtual reality and selling empathy to the rich 

. Announce

Aria Dean

image: Mark Ramos, "Jeepney Drone," 2019. 3-D printed miniature jeepneys, vinyl, drone

. Announce

Michael Connor & Aria Dean

Announcing Rhizome’s 2019–2020 program themes, and microgrants open call.


In 2014, Rhizome launched a microgrants program, awarding $500–$1,500 to anyone with a ...

Michael Eby

An interview with sci-fi author Pat Cadigan