Join Us for Office Hours

A new pilot program of informal conversations about Rhizomeā€™s work and digital culture at large.

Join us on Twitter Spaces today at 2pm EST for Office Hours with preservation director Dragan Espenschied!

Last Wednesday, Rhizome held our first ‘Office Hours’, a new series of informal online conversations about our work and digital art at large. 

We hope to open up more dialogue with our communities, learning and directly responding to questions and topics of interest. As we try this out, we’ll experiment with different platforms and environments, from Twitter spaces to Instagram live, to the fediverse—and beyond!


An announcement introducing Rhizome’s new conversation series “Office Hours”, a pilot program of informal conversations about Rhizome’s work and digital culture at large. The webpage “flickr” shows a post of Kloee, a web-surfing kitten, with a comment “Pretty Kitty! Smart Kitty! :)”. 

Our first Office Hours, a conversation with incoming Co-Directors Makayla Bailey and Michael Connor, is available as a recording. Next up, on Wednesday, September 28th, Rhizome’s Preservation Director Dragan Espenschied will answer all of your questions about archiving digital culture. This episode will also be held on Twitter spaces.