Watch What Happened: 7×7 Stavanger, Newly Imagined, Online Only at 7×

Together with Kunsthall Stavanger in Norway, we are delighted to announce 7×7 Stavanger, a newly-imagined, socially-distanced edition of our longstanding platform pairing visionaries from the fields of art and technology and charging them to create new projects through one-on-one collaborations over a short period of time. 

On Monday October 5, 2020 at 2 PM EST, we will kick off seven days of art-tech premieres, each taking the form of a 45-minute live-event broadcast, with audience Q&A, via the new website Episodes will debut live each successive day at 2PM EST through Sunday, October 11.The online-only conference program will later take physical form as a first-ever Seven on Seven exhibition, featuring selected works from the program past and present, scheduled to open at Kunsthall Stavanger in the Spring of 2021.

To RSVP to join 7×7 Stavanger events — and receive daily reminders from October 5-11, 2020 — sign up here.

Participants in this special edition include: 

October 5: Artist Shu Lea Cheang & Kate Adamala, Synthetic Biologist, University of Minnesota (Archived here.)

October 6: Artist Yngve Hølen & Audrey Tang, Digital Minister, Taiwan (Archived here.)

October 7: Artist Joan Heemskerk (JODI) & Quantum Tinkerer Group (André Melo), Delft University (Archived here.)

October 8: Artist Ane Graff & Tal Danino, Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering at Columbia University (Archived here.)

October 9: Artists Mendi + Keith Obadike & Kelly Benoit-Bird, Senior Scientist, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (Archived here.)

October 10: Artist Neïl Beloufa & Damian Bradfield, CCO and Cofounder, WeTransfer (Archived here.)

October 11: Artist Christopher Kulendran Thomas & Jesse Walden, Founder, Variant (Archived here.)

Their projects engage urgent subjects such as synthetic biology, the circulation of pathogens, quantum computing, virtuality and mixed reality, and rethinking social media dynamics. 

In 2019, Rhizome & Kunsthall Stavanger began discussing how the 7×7 platform could be brought to Stavanger, following the Kunsthall's longtime interest in the intersection of contemporary art and digital culture, and Stavanger and Norway's roles as hubs for technology startups in the region. Originally planned as an in-person conference made impossible due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the partners reworked 7×7 to explore relevant themes and model remote, interisciplinary collaboration.


7×7 Stavanger is coorganized by Rhizome's Michael Connor, Aria Dean, and Zachary Kaplan, and Kunsthall Stavanger's Hanne Mugaas and Jessica Morris. 

7×7 Stavanger episodes were produced by Lauryn Siegel. Live elements are produced by New Museum's Derek Wright.

7× and the 7×7 brand were designed by Laura Coombs. 7× was developed by Rhizome's Mark Beasley.

7×7 was created by Lauren Cornell with Fred Benenson, John Borthwick, and Peter Rojas.


Smart Art / City of Stavanger

Seven on Seven is generously supported by Arts Council Norway; Rogaland County Council; The Fritt Ord Foundation; Deutsche Bank and the Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation; and the Norwegian Consulate General in New York.

Special thanks to Eilert Smith Hotel, and Stavanger Aftenblad for the webcam view of Stavanger.