Rhizome Raw Ep 5: Ultra Rare Recording of Rhizome Engaging in Praxis

Following the event “After the End of History,” which brought together four Gen Z leftist meme practitioners for a conversation with artist Joshua Citarella about their visions of the next 25 years, Michael and Aria gathered for a recap with Josh and a phone call with one of the panelists. This is now available as episode 5 of our podcast, Rhizome Raw or Rare, which you can find on iTunes and Soundcloud.

This podcast is part of our Info-Wars research season, which will conclude on Thursday at the New Museum with the launch of a publication, Weak Signals, featuring a wrapup of our season of speculative research from the edges of network culture.

Info-Wars is made possible by support from Seth Stolbun and The Stolbun Collection.