Internet Yami-Ichi at NADA Art Fair

Today, a special art fair edition of the Internet Yami-Ichi opens at NADA New York, which runs through Sunday at Skylight Clarkson Square.

Founded by art collectives exonemo and IDPW in 2012, the Internet Yami-Ichi is a marketplace for creators who translate aspects of internet culture into tangible consumer goods and services: books, zines, posters, clothing, objects, and more. While the Internet Yami-Ichi is usually vast in size, Rhizome’s edition–like the "Micro" event held in New Orleans–brings together a curated selection of 50 products on display in a small booth.

Stop by our booth (1.07) to browse work, or make a purchase work––at the lowest prices an art fair has possibly ever seen.


Sessa Englund, @sessasessasessa
A performance/product where the artist sells off their Instagram photos. Each photo is used as the basis for a unique keyring; when someone buys one, Englund deletes the corresponding original Instagram post. 

Exonemo, Skin Tone Dice
“Useful for giving equality to your film casting.”

Carla Gannis, One and Three Cats

Travis Hallenbeck, carpenter pencils

Gaby Iglesias, computer virus sticker pack

Rollin Leonard, Mug Mugs

Patrick Meagher, Art web pillows 

MTAA, Physical Bookmarks For Vintage Net Art Created Before Facebook (BF 2004)
Machine routed vinyl mounted on 6""x 9""x1"" wood painting panels, 2015, Six works (Vuk Ćosić, MTAA, Annie Abrahams, Yael Kanarek, Tinjail, G.H. Hovagimyan)

Nonfood x Rhizome, nonbar with artwork by Lucy Chinen

Nukeme, Broken PayPal

Pat Shiu, Instant Obsolescence Photo Booth
The Photo Booth will be available during fair hours on Saturday, March 8.

Emma Rae Norton, website with the sound of its own making

Mark Ramos, Plant USBs with software
USB plant-drive constructed out of clear acrylic, vinyl plants, and recycled discarded flash drives. Contains a program I wrote with Processing that launches an applet of two interactive, virtual plants. The "health" and growth of the virtual plants are determined by the user's Wifi signal strength. People can also delete the program and just use the plant-drive as an 8GB Flash Drive. 

Marco Rosella, Gif keychan USB
Contents: 100 original GIFs

Marco Rosella, Gif floppy disks
Contents: 1 original GIF

Nestor Siré, NAUTA Times
"Today, Cuba’s internet penetration rate is about 30%. ETECSA is the only company that provides services connection to users Cuban through public areas with WiFi access. The process of Web browsing becomes a collective experience and recharge cards NAUTA are the key access. For about 5 months create a collection of cards access Nauta found and other consumed by me. All have different interventions as notes, damage the use of people that used for as long connection, etc ... This item becomes memory a while digital in the physical space in the Cuba context."

Susse Sønderby, Open Source Straitjacket for Alexa

VNS Matrix, A Cyber Feminist Manifesto for the 21st Century (Net Art Anthology poster designed by Lukas Eigler-Harding) 

Tax Gull aka Shingo Ohno, stone age mouse pointer
Made with 100% pure obsidian from Saga prefecture Japan, the place is the most popular obsidian locality in Old Stone Age. 

Daniel Temkin, Internet Directory
Unique print on canvas
Single prints from a 37,000+ page loose-leaf book containing all 115 million .COM domains in alphabetical order, along with their IP addresses.

Yifan Hu, Virus Labs
"A collection of 6 computer virus that has caused nearly $100 Billion damage and 50 million computers affected globally, in zipped files on micro SD cards and stored in e̶s̶c̶a̶p̶e̶ proof glass test tubes."



 Arcangel Surfware, The Source Digest 

Christopher Clary, "sorry to dump this on you like"

1,860 prints collated chronologically across 10 legal binders installed on music stands

Codette #1.

Net poetry, interviews, sound, and experimental forms by artists who manifest their practice online. Curated and compiled by Lora Nouk.

Codette #2.

Net poetry, interviews, sound, and experimental forms by artists who manifest their practice online. Curated and compiled by Lora Nouk.

Pete Deevakul, Wiki-header sketchbook.

A guided sketchbook with wikipedia headers as drawing prompts

Pete Deevakul, Silk Road Image Scrape

Comprehensive pulp reference. Every image that appeared on Agora Marketplace on January 1st, 2014. Agora was a darknet market that rose to prominence following the demise of Silk Road 2.

Robin DiAngelo, White Fragility 

Will Luckman, Hackdown

Will Luckman, Surveillance Capitalism, A Reader

Michael Mandiberg, Print Wikipedia

Rafael Rozendaal, Abstract Browsing  

Jonathan Zong, Everyone Should  



Arcangel Surfware, Fidget spinner

Beautiful Company for Rhizome, Technology is Incredible! tote

Cody Brown, A really nice hat for team internet

Fuzzy Wobble, eBling, aka, rare internet jewels 

Miguel Gaydosh, New Age Baby tee 

Emily Haasch, 404 Pins

Glitchaus, Malwear Scarf

Knit scarf with computer virus embedded as motif 

Glitchaus, Glitch Sweater 

Faith Holland, Necklaces made of wire with non-heteronormative connections

Gaby Iglesias, Virus Pins & Sticker Packs

Martine Neddam/, Je Suis Mouchette pin

Nukeme, Glitch hoodies 

Kevin Weisner, Lonɘly Hat


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