Eat Algae for Net Art

Rhizome has teamed up with nonfood–a collaborative artistic platform-cum-futurefood outfit–to create a year-end artists’ multiple. 

Working in New York this fall at the Food-X accelerator, the nonfood team–Sean Raspet, Lucy Chinen, Dennis Oliver Schroer, and Mariliis Holm–developed an algae-based, carbon-neutral nutrition bar, the nonbar, which launches today.

Make a donation of $16 or more to Rhizome between now and December 31 to receive a special edition of nonbar, shipped for free anywhere in the US. (Or, renew your membership!) Proceeds will go to the Rhizome Commissions Fund, which supports the production and presentation of new work.

Created by Chinen, the Rhizome edition of nonbar is dedicated to Soviet space dog Laika, who traveled aboard Sputnik 2. Although Laika’s story is a tragedy, the Soviet space program’s research into algae as a food source for space explorers like her was an important source of inspiration for nonfood:

Algae – a food source originally developed for space flight – is now something that can help re-balance the human impact on earth. Algae uses a only the fraction of the resources of any other food: algae can use one one-hundredth of the amount of resources of plant products and one one-thousandth of animal products. It’s extremely fast growing, but also densely nutritious: high in protein, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients and omega-3s to name a few.

When algae goes from non-food to food we will live on a healthier, cleaner, and more interesting planet.

The Rhizome nonbar will also be on sale in the New Museum Store beginning Saturday, December 2.



Membership + Nonbar - $45
- Discount tickets to all regular Rhizome events at the New Museum

Commissions Friend - $250
- Complimentary tickets to all commissions premiered
- Rhizome x Nonbar
- Special recognition on the Rhizome website

Commissions Lead - $500
- Complimentary tickets to all regular Rhizome events
- One complimentary artists' multiple + Rhizome x Nonbar
- Special recognition on the Rhizome website

Rhizome Council - $1,000
- Invite-only Council events (studio visits, gallery tours, algae cocktail parties)
- Early access to Seven on Seven tickets
- Complimentary tickets to all other Rhizome events
- Two complimentary artists’ multiples + Rhizome x Nonbar
- Special recognition on the Rhizome website