This is a dark pool party

Hannah Black reads from her new book

Fate is always stupid, both real and not. When the antibiotics stop working we will all die more often of love. Technological leaps in medicine are meant for the evil rich, in Europe and its far-flung acts of violence. Let the genome rattle off its wrong letters: the feeling of not being able to read yourself is a dark pool and this is a dark pool party.

In a video showing this week on the front page, Hannah Black reads "Long-Term Effects" from Dark Pool Party, a new book of six texts recently co-published by Dominica & Arcadia Missa. Black will also read at Lisa Cooley in New York on Wednesday, February 24 at 7pm.

Hannah Black reading from Dark Pool Party (Arcadia Missa/Dominica, 2016). Video shot by Hanna Bergfors.

For more of Hannah Black, check out her Artist Profile and the transcript of 'Do You Follow,' a panel discussion organized by Rhizome and the ICA in London in 2014.