Contra-Internet GIFs

Contra-Internet Totality Study #2: Internet, a .gif triptych (2015).

These three gifs by Zach Blas are currently showing at IMA Brisbane as part of "Imaginary Accord" (through July 11). They form a part of Blas' ongoing Contra-Internet project, which draws on Paul B. Preciado's Manifesto contrasexual to imagine alternatives to the neoliberal internet we know today. The project isn't an argument for unplugging, exactly; more for building or dreaming up alternative infrastructures. 

Consisting of 3D globes with stock images as their skins, these gifs represent one aspect of popular imagery about the internet. They cast a critical eye toward the many efforts to visualize or map the internet that always seem to convey the same message: it's big, and it's everywhere. 

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