Now on the front page: João Enxuto and Erica Love's 'Waiting for the Internet'

On the front page of through December 28 is a new video work by the artist duo João Enxuto and Erica Love that portrays internet access as a basic necessity that is distributed unequally. 

The video observes patrons waiting to access the internet at Central Library, a public library in downtown Atlanta. The library, designed in 1969 and finally completed in 1980, was the last built project by Bauhaus-trained architect Marcel Breuer. On the morning of November 25, 2015, the wait for a free computer station at Central Library was 40 minutes. This video documents that wait.

This is the second work presented as part of Real Live Online, curated by Lucas G. Pinheiro and Devin Kenny. It follows IDPW's Internet Bedroom, a twenty-four hour livestream in which participants connected to a group video call while sleeping, suggesting that there is some kind of social possibility to be found online. Waiting for the Internet shows that access to this potential remains far from universal.