$6,587 To Go, and a 24-Hour Telethon To Get Us There

A telethon. All day. All night. We are doing this. Will you donate to support?

11am-11am EST, March 19-20. 24 hours. Wow. That's a lot of hours. But we are going to fill those hours with some of the internet's best, on view via the front page of rhizome.org.

After the break, we've included a schedule to get you pumped. If you're in NYC tomorrow, stop by Lu Magnus, our host at 55 Hester. If you're anywhere else, join the hangout for some screen time. And, for real, D O N A T E.

Wednesday, March 19
11AM — Michael Connor composes the day's post
Noon — Tom Moody reads his comments from rhizome.org
1PM  — Heather Corcoran broadcasts an internal email featuring the musical genre grime's greatest hits
2PM  — Anyone can share their work on rhizome.org as Lindsay Howard leads an open crit
3PM  — Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal and friends give a reading
4PM  — Ann Hirsch's Rhizome Reality Show uncovers what it's REALLY like to work here
5PM  — Alex McLean demonstrates coding after the 1980s club scene
6PM  — Nick De Marco gives thanks to Rhizome's donors
7PM  — Julia Kramer, Associate Editor of Bon Appetit, cooks dinner for the team
8PM  — Ryder Ripps offers some real talk about your favorite brands
9PM  — Chill with the Commonwealth's primary contribution to music: Pink Floyd
10PM — Jeremy Bailey goes wild
11PM — Body by Body share some favorite vids

Thursday, March 20
12/1AM — Potpourri
2AM — Daniel Rehn's floppy party!
3AM — Andrew Hunt will perform covers of your favorite songs.... by request!
4AM — Jonas Lund self surfs
5AM — Game of Thrones
6AM — America's greatest export: Steely Dan
7AM — Baby iPad Hour with Arizona Connor
8AM — Michael Connor talks about art he likes
9/10AM — Surprises!