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Wherever You Are: Watch Seven on Seven London Live on October 27th!

By Emma Hazen



Rhizome is pleased to announce that Seven on Seven London, at Barbican Centre on October 27th, will be streamed live, 7AM through 1PM8AM through 2PM EST. The particpants in this first international iteration of the annual event include many notable practitioners that Rhizome has supported over the years: 

Susan Philipsz + Naveen Selvadurai (Foursquare, Oscar) 
Jonas Lund + Michelle You (Songkick) 
Mark Leckey + Daniel Williams 
Graham Harwood + Alberto Nardelli (Tweetminister) 
Aleksandra Domanović + Smári McCarthy (IMMI) 
Cécile B. Evans + Alice Bartlett (BERG) 
Haroon Mirza + Ryder Ripps (OKFocus) 

Through the development of collaborative proejcts, Seven on Seven aims to promote ongoing dialogs between art and technology. Remember to stream the conference online on October 27, or find it archived at that location anytime thereafter

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rene abythe Oct. 25 2013 21:22Reply

Looks like it will be a great line-up. Btw I think there is a typo in Ryder Ripps' bio.. 'reflex' probably should be 'reflux'

Rob Myers Oct. 30 2013 14:01Reply


From: Heather Corcoran
Sent: 03 June 2013 18:28
To: Sabine Unamun
Subject: Re: Rhizome GftA app

Great ok will do - sorry one last thing - in the application I refer to Rhizome as an NYC based organization and outline our NYC staff structure etc. Should I downplay this or is it ok? I will mention explicitly the informal UK arm but just want to check that it will be ok also to mention that our core activities are American.

ywfrfsx Oct. 25 2013 21:26Reply