Surf Report: gURLs

Texas State Senator Wendy Davis's shoes during her 13-hour filibuster on June 25, 2013.

Jennifer Steinkamp, from the seires Sexist Slides (1989). Slideshow projected on a street in Hollywood at EZTV.

Molly Soda, Inbox Full (2012). Ten-hour reading of questions sent to the artist from her Tumblr askbox.

Zoe Burnett, Aura Loading... (2013). Animated GIF.

Work by Mia Goyette.

Bunny Rogers and Filip Olszewski, Sister Unn's (2011). Storefront space in Forest Hills, Queens, converted into abandoned flower shop. 

Micaela Durand, "In the Zone" Duane Reade (2013).

Wendy Vanity, Manet Barscene (2013).

Emilie Gervais, Myogenic Muscular Organ (2013).