The Rhizome ArtBase As Seen Through Vince McKelvie's 3dGif

GIF by Vince McKelvie. (The artbase GIFs can be found below).

We've been enjoying learning more about the work of Vince McKelvie since he released the web-based toy 3dGif a couple of weeks back. 

Perhaps slightly mis-named, 3dGif is actually a WebGL-based website that allows users to create 3D animations from any image, still or moving. The image is mapped onto the inside of a cube, and onto the outside of an undulating form within said cube, to create the sense of an immersive environment. Not only does McKelvie have a perfect Tumblr, populated with eye-popping GIFs like the one above, he also releases all of his source material (3d files, .movs, and image sequences) for each GIF on Dropbox, opening the door for possible re-use by other artists. He also recently developed a desktop application that pulls recent content from a user's preferred Tumblr feeds, creating an ambient, animated collage. 

Here are the results of our own experiments with 3DGif, which we screen captured and turned into actual animated GIFs.

This one is based on a still from Takeshi Murata's Melter 2 (2003).

This one is based on a screenshot of Scroll Bar (1998) by Maciej Wisniewski:

And, finally, the Rhizome color splash logo:

 H/T: Prosthetic Knowledge.