Prosthetic Knowledge Picks: Plants

A collection of items from the Prosthetic Knowledge Tumblr archive and around the web, around the theme of 'Plants' 

Above: Tree Studies by Nicolas Sasson  

Plant-In City

Art installation merges gardening and technology, creating Arduino-powered frames with sensors for plants to be monitored, and interacted with via smartphone app. From the project’s Kickstarter page:

We’re creating a space where a community who loves architecture, technology and plants can meet. Our mission is to integrate these disciplines into a new paradigm that changes the way we live and interact with nature. We believe that interacting with plants will improve our lives.

Plant-in City taps into the natural systems that foster plant life to give the plants themselves a voice. This revolutionary planter system contains built-in sensors that are activated by sun exposure, changes in soil moisture, humidity, temperature, and other natural cycles. Once activated, these sensors translate the environmental data into sounds or visuals, creating an imaginary vibrant wilderness.

[Project Page | PK Link]


Data Garden Quartet

A recording of abstract ambient IDM created with a band made up of living tropical plants. Sensors were placed onto the plant leaves to detect conductive biorhythms in real-time. You can hear the whole recorded piece, with spoken introduction, below:



Electric Ikebana

Corporate net-art work is an audio / visual 3D HTML5 generative piece put together by Douglas Coupland and Paul Humphries for Alcatel-Lucent. Each viewing creates a unique colourful polygon flower and vase decorated with data particles, together with a lullaby referencing Claude Shannon's 1948 paper on Information Theory.

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Project connects Twitter to a plant watering system - send a tweet mentioning the account name, and a few drops of water will be given to the plant. There is a webcam to see the process happen

[Project page | PK Link ]

Binh Danh

Vietnamese-born artist uses leaves as photographic paper, creating ‘chlorophyll printing’.

In ‘Ancestral Altars’, there are photographic portraits of those that suffered at the hands of the Khmer Rouge. In ‘Military Foliage’, the leaves display familiar military camouflage patterns.

[Artist's website | PK Link]

Autumn Evening by Philip Buchanan

Winner of the Javascript 1k Demo Winner - You can see it running for yourself in your browser here