"Standard Remote" by Dena Yago


A crater dismounted facing towards

One problem

Natural counting towards two a surface

You said ‘immaleable ruin’

That settles in the palm of a hand


Development psych

Standing in it’s shadow

Giving a one way signal

Like no one is home


Cosmic accents

Back and forth

Like where are you from



Make from me leaned over

A sitting desk

A standing desk


Five thousand bookmarks

Returning numbers in fines

I have paid for this in interest




Swung open

A revolving door turns unconvinced



I am still at home

I have not left yet

I am in Queens


What one line can accomodate

A text wrap around

That one.


Alternative to a shade of preparation

Alternating between white and another white that you notice less

Putting one glove on takes two hands

And what can my cold hands say to that?


Standing on gravel

site specific self identifying

As gravel


Layout interrupted

A path following

An aluminum Swiss water bottle


A transcription:

She told me they sell no deodorant here

I knew she was lying I asked

Why I know that you are lying

She told we do but they don’t need deodorant here

I knew she was lying

I said you are lying

She said you are the salt of the earth


With one hand held over two breasts

No dark storm can rage over two breasts

With one hand

And cream shirt worn

Into a dark 3 p.m. screening

Of my life my love

This love is truly abated by

No one else’s breasts


A distant swiss watch chimes background fade

Powdered marble on powdered marble on

An unlined t shirt

Cognito ergo sum


Index finger in hot black coffee

There is no aporia in heaven

She said wiping her nail polished nail in hot black coffee on her

white silk shirt


No one umbrella will stop this hell

He said in reference

To what shed said


The sands of

The findings of Delacroix which

Have done less harm

Than we thought first

Marking the passing of time in the glass of a swiss

French swiss made watch


Straight walking on the global edge

Effectively takes the name of A proposition


Is this world music

What answer to a proposal can show us an open blind

Onto a garden on the nile


Fifty almonds on a plastic surface


The curve of a three point A

Of that time

A cascade

Not a deluge

Constant unabated


There he is not

Taken serious

Like a truth

No one answers to

Public access


twenty dollars is comma how do you say twenty dollars but pause twenty

dollars is comma how do you say nothing.


The small white dog took the square black purse in it’s small white teeth


I never work on Tuesdays never except for last week it was a disaster I am a disaster

A natural disaster but onset by ecoterrorism

Like the Russian raincloud

Like the Russian fire


I have my files out of order

A center for intention,

The A’s are with the other A’s

Like access

Like application

Like art.


Talking about the way things looked

In the afternoon


I have two pens and the sound of the blinds opening on the 40th floor American

Steel building

This is a strong steel building not like a house a serious building like one that could

withstand a domestic attack seriously

like one

Not one

A simile assimilated into daily use


Airtran mistaken for surreal

Predicted text

Like Jordan for Korea


Unique new York unique new York




Refresh it

I did

call again

The phone call was left unaswered.


Wait as I have been waiting

Waste as I have been



These words are capitalized but I am not the one capilatizing them

Its a function


Approaching a pass

And then passing it

North approaching north

Nearing itself but never becoming North itself itself

Like stepping on the curb with your foot half off


With benefits


A step (half off with benefits) on the curb


A pause in an instant message.



expanding though of relative expanse

A moderate decline

An inclination towards a dinner for two

With benefits.


Denial as a yes.

Yes I want to meet you

Yes as a denial.


Two metal chinese balls

In the palm of the hand of my boss

How many



A call for which

A response not asked for


How to say trope with a mouthful

Of coins


History is alive

No, it’s dead

An argument against

Myself myself

With myself


Capitalizing function

only one word in a run-on sentence

How to eliminate this error

Was that a question

Was that a question



Work won’t work itself


This is who I am

Young vibrancy

Slamming a Chinese screen

behind you

Being and Hotness

Phenomenologically speaking

I love


The large black dog with the small white purse in it’s large black teeth


One foot on the

Frosted glass

Aggression today


Locale replication

With an adversary

On your side

Many too few period one too many declarative


Stranded on a stranded island

Standard remote

With one hand behind the other I can keep my one hand hidden

Corporal opacity