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Poems by Erik Stinson

Erik Stinson, untitled, 2010 


go upstream young man: drugs, guns, advertising and the nyc art world 1700-2010


i’m seeking a legnthy

ethics-agnostic history of

corporate america from

dutch manhattan to

google silicon valley.

can anyone help me?

time is running out.

i think i’m being

followed, my phones

are tapped and all

i want is an entry

level job

Erik Stinson, Untitled, 2011


executive microsystem

three small, harsh

cubes in

concert with

your massive


ego circa



teen dads let it all hang out


we went out

to the salt flats

with a 12 rack

of bud and talked

about new

young starlets

Erik Stinson, Untitled, 2010


Anonymous asked: why r u gay

whoa internet literary scene strikes again

‘for the fans’





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vlucca Jan. 10 2012 17:10Reply

in what sense does stinson mean "dad bar"? i adore the ambiguity.

Erik Stinson Jan. 11 2012 11:54Reply

i meant only to suggest a father

karlotti Jan. 11 2012 13:18Reply

teen parents all the time

we went

to the salt

with a frame of 12

the yolk and spoke

about new

young stars

microsystems executive

three small, hard


concert with

its massive


I ca

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