Demiurge in the Cupboard by Bradley Benedetti

Bradley Benedetti, Demiurge in the Cupboard, Circusology of Native Leadership Piece 1, 2012

 Orca Tears Turquoise( Wish'd We'd Ha'd) 

 "How can I retry when I was a watermarked birth? I was a global write, universally speaking. My only choice is to image search. rch, sea. Can you smell the past? It is yours. Commercial help gonna fix this Etc.?"


“Nostalgic For captivity…Scent of an orca's tears. Anti-virus wishing wells

 If you haven't had your first familiar encounter

please refer to the catalog.

now that I’ve slowed down your 3 dimensional momentarium

I can let you in on something.”


“Toyota arctic

sea u kiosk museum efficiency baby


if you take your TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIME . I’ll wait for


breeze and ufo- take your time

we were supposed to grow old together"




Trademark Applesdottir

Sanrio Erikkson

Nintendo Cloud

Ancient Purell

Sarcophagus St.Chateau

Libra von Katzengiest

Pegasus Bromwell

Oreo Mitsubishi

Astrology DeCordova


“I just, I just, I just toed this rope, you know , I just tied this

rope three times, well 6 really because I said it and then did it, but I

mean I tied it while saying it, well hahah you know what I mean,

anyway, the point is it WORKED

This dimension is feeling stuffy

I’m tired of living moment to moment, GET ME OUT OF HERE

I feel really 3 dimensional, I’m looking for something more, I felt

nervous not knowing what came next

In the 4th dimension I get to see it all, people from the past, the

future, really its the continuous present ever flowing around me and

you into one big ball of energy.

5th dimensional living felt too complex, the text was fifth dimensional

5 feels really dark velvety, red, very red blue, you know when you

close your eyes and see that extra door to the right, that’s where I



“WOIFG! 9 gods, 9 devotees, who's god are you going to go home with tonight

Post earth art composed the 71st century within the infini-universal coordinates of naming conventions”

Frusca Glob and ClamV


Fith G'blarner and pathmate Köl

have discovered an enveloped entity outside their local fire-sphere early

last cycle.”


Bradley Benedetti, Demiurge in the Cupboard, Circusology of Native Leadership Piece 6, 2012




Tiffany Girl and I've Already

“Lower living is a gamble, you’re never sure what’s next, I hate making

choices without knowing the outcome. this helps me understand that I

don’t have to choose one, I can just relax knowing that I can do

anything. me feel good, and feeling good is all me care about.

make a crescent shape about a quarter of an astronomical unit, then

place your lower region in the center, while vibrating on the upper

mid portion of your entity. This should assist you in the window



>>>>>>>>stellar/lunar, lunar/earth, earth/solar

“I cant take this life interface existence anymore I need to feel my

Cyber-living space and understand its complexities with my heart. I

want to connect on a level u just cant offer me. I’m getting a B. Just

B. I’m wearing cmyk, spray on inkjet. I smell the chemicals and print

out my feelings, its a post computation expression. Is this cyber

punk? I’m going soft. Richter pulsations, volcanic bubbler,

I took away the treble. I’m left with a blurred filter on like, a

high definition fog space. This is low magick at its best. With quiet, I

can cross the hedge. You get my drift, asthma attacks and belladonna, its

a never ending prayer. I don’t wear hats, they never fit,

the only thing this head was meant for is a halo.”


>>>>>>>>>Nature is Ancient, DOI

“Burning off cfcs all day is EXHAUSTING yall.

Wiped my face with this sigil cloth, I made a witches ladder in honor

of my pours.

CLOGGED> I’m trying out this Hopi tooth fix. I’m feeling it. America

Jenni. Social justice-

natural dominance. Earthly disorder, citizen chaos. city sin. Aerobic spirituality.

Football journal,

this is my country and I get to do whatever I want. nothing can stand

in the way of my revered future in stardom.”

nature is obvious, SEE. I lit a frog on fire in honor of the new tree

I planted. I’m hugging our dystopical towel set >it has a saurapod

on it from two ages ago. that's really old. How many people does it take

to plant an ocean? orca tears smell like CAPTIVITY

Children are playing outside and I’m wondering how long each one has.

The expiration date is past due but somehow we aren’t getting any fines.






Planetor GeoEvent

“You pull me out of time. That’s funny.

0 through 10 is reality, anything after that is just a dream.

I’m living, I’m making, I’m being, NOW I’m feeling?

This story is ticking. I’m rolling my eyes at the thought of reaching.

Who said anything about cloud surfing?

The sand is talking and YOUR’E NOT LISTENING!

Forget about it, I’m sinking in YOUR mud and its 90% ME.

Do you know what these are? Take a closer look.

And this? I can tell I’m loosing you.  Who’s feeding who?

Hitting you over the head is what got you here in the first place!

We send you here to be happy and this is how you treat the place?

What happened here? Did you think no one noticed? Party’s over.

Save THAT one for your story tellers. CLAP, oh that was fun, this

Friction based level is something…5”













Did you think you were the only ones?

Can you remember the first time you saw it?

Wait until you hear it, You wont remember a thing.

Global nostalgia is a preset

I’m just here to rid you of

that burden.

Holocene wake up call. You're fired.

Antarctic Cold Re-reversal

 K–Pg extinction event…

Sorry babe, it was protocol-boredom

This time wont be that drastic.

You were so close.