The Eternal Internet Brotherhood



Recently, Angelo Plessas assembled artists, writers, and curators working with technology in an event called The Eternal Internet Brotherhood. I asked him the following questions over email about the event, which concluded on August 23rd:

What was the inspiration for the Eternal Internet Brotherhood?

I was always inspired by various alternative and autonomous communities getting together to push the limits of creativity. In our days the internet is a place where new realities are taking form and I believe is not only "embodied" through our screens anymore. The Eternal Internet Brotherhood is an experiment of how these realities continue to extend after/beyond the limits of the web, a shelter from the visual provincialism of technology within which we now live.  The interface we use for this spiritual and creative journey is the mystical island of Anafi in Greece, the place which ancient god Apollo "teleported" as a shelter for the Argonauts.

Who were the participants?

I invited different artists, writers, poets and curators from all over the world.

This is the final list. 

Amalia Ulman (ES)

Amateur Boyz (GR)

Andreas Angelidakis (GR/NO)

Angelo Plessas (GR/IT)

Anthony Antonellis (UK)

Apache Anafi (USA)

Georges Jacotey (GR)

Guglielmo Fabian (AR/IT)

Harry Burke (UK)

Helga Wretman (SE)

Jesse Darling (UK)

Jordan Tate (USA)

Miltos Manetas (GR/IT)

Mona Mahall and Asli Serbest (Junk Jet magazine) (TR/DE)

Paolo di Landro (IT)

Petros Moris (GR)

Priscilla Tea (IT)

Rafael Rozendaal (NL)

Rhys Coren (  (UK)

Rozsa Farkas (UK)

Travess Smalley (USA)

Vincent Charlebois (CA) 


I ♥ the Universe and the Universe ♥ me, perfomance by Vincent Charlebois, contribution for #ETINTERBRO

What ideas emerged from experience?

Internet art and culture — instead of identified within the narrow sense of its technological aspect and as a dependent and restricted medium — is a genre that can actualize a union of disciplines and organically create new concepts, whether in the form of communication, thinking or the method that we use to create a work using the internet as a starting reference. For example, Amalia Ulman's project started "performatively" on the public webcams of Santorini after being stranded for a day there. A friend of hers took some very nice screen grabs of her standing in all of these cams in front of the island's volcano.

PIGS by Amalia Ulman, contribution for #ETINTERBRO

Some other artists used as an interface or inspiration another artist's work. For example, Miltos Manetas made an invisible painting with his Blackberry on the sand-immersed head-stand body of artist Vincent Charlebois who just before had seen the video of Helga Wretman called "Body Improvisation for Artists". Artist Priscilla Tea projected the images of her paintings using the surface of the sea as an animated layer and so on. Some nights Andreas Angelidakis curated open-air ipad screenings of retro futuristic underground movies and another night we just watched the shooting stars along with discussions.

Do you think you might hold this event again?

Yes, I plan to hold this event every year and bringing this project in warm places, bringing new or familiar people that I think can co-exist in this context. People that will like each other as we will all spend a lot of time together for a while.  The experience is communal friendly and casual at the same time. I am looking for all the perfect conditions for the next editions too.