Poems by Steve Roggenbuck

Steve Roggenbuck, carpe dime you only live ounce, 2012

smile at me using the dead girls mouth


it hurts with me.

im in california hugging with my dead family.

we're alredy 

simple in the western u.s. crying in my bed

im dead with you sad girl.

i want you in the airports of my country





i am about the size of a dead nine year old


i am about the size of a dead nine year old

in her cool bed room 

in september 

i am ugly with dead children

it is early september at 7 in the morning

i want to listen to birds outside of my 

bed room

i love birds 

i love them more than humans

there are also dead

bodies hanging from my familys tire swing






dead girl, you are dead


i am crying in you and being fucked at the same 

time by january rain. i hurt 

when i move.

i am being rained on with dead 

children now dead five year olds.

i dont care if my blood 

chokes me, 

i no longer want to have blood. i want your 

cold pointless hands.

i want to put flowers in your cold pointless mouth