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Domenico Quaranta: In Your Computer (2011)

The book is a collection of texts written by Domenico Quaranta between 2005 and 2010 for exhibition catalogues, printed magazines and online reviews: a pocket version of what the author would save from the universal flood, in a world without computers. It documents most of the fields of research he has focused on critically: from Net Art to Software Art and videogames, from biotechnologies to the debate around curating and the positioning of New Media Art in the contemporary landscape, and back to Net Art again.

This itinerary is traced through a selection of essays, monographic texts and interviews with artists and curators, in no particular order: from Eva and Franco Mattes to Casey Reas, from UBERMORGEN.COM to Oliver Laric, from Cory Arcangel to Tale of Tales, from Jon Ippolito to Gazira Babeli.

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leif BRUSH Oct. 17 2012 15:16Reply

cc Joel, re Mesh+Leonardo Networking 5.0; xyz fibre Bragg sensors, lifi DSPng, etc.
I'd be happy to link your eartotheearthorg/artists to my weblackwhole, and will do so if you like… collaborating THE 2012 challenge to us all…best of luck to us all…here's my pop up webpage http://weblackwhole.net click on Birch roots "tree truth" http://vimeo.com/user7723638/videos
Well, I'm conceptually thinking re Global matters,affiliate nodes with other like minded individuals-via free Skype, college newspapers, who if snagged-, and their collective multiplexed sensing input and demuxed output, could evolve growable networking fr/neighborhood-to-neighborhood from their ground sites: realtime social personal netng." whadya think…aim for 2-waying handhelds, syncing w/DSP, DAW stations
leif BRUSH

leif BRUSH Sept. 9 2013 10:23Reply

Douglas Kahn,"Earth Sound Earth Signal,," Energies and Earth Magnitude in the Arts, University of California Press Press, ISBN: 9780520257559

leif BRUSH Sept. 9 2013 10:31Reply

whadya think…aim for 2-waying handhelds, NISTsyncing w/DSP, DAW stations