Preservation Initiative at Rhizome
Travess Smalley, Bitmap Quilt For Maui (2011)
Preserving internet and new media art is a crucial aspect of Rhizome's mission & operation. Over the past few years, we have increasingly devoted resources towards this program, which is why it is at the center of our one-week summer fundraising initiative. Because the preservation of digital art remains a complicated and relatively uncharted terrain, our work began with research and through dialogue with peers like the group Forging the Future consortium. These efforts largely informed the overhaul of our ArtBase archive, which was re-launched this past winter. Now, we are embarking on improving this database of art—which currently holds records on over 2,500 works—with the goal of making it a truly useful resource for scholars, artists and arts professionals alike. This is a massive under-taking, and has required the creation of new staff positions, as well as the organization of an army of bright, archival hungry interns. We need you to help us keep moving forward on this initiative.. Your donation will support the following efforts:
  • Conducting a full inventory to identify genres, time periods, geographic regions, and so forth, that need more representation in the archive;
  • Improving all ArtBase records by completing existing information;
  • Working with artists to improve those that have become obsolete or dysfunctional;
  • Developing and implementing sustainable preservation practices, such as updating the Artist Questionnaire and metadata standards, so that these valuable works can be shared with other archives and be made available (searchable) for future generations.
  • Please donate today and help us build a robust and accessible ArtBase. Your donation guarantees the preservation of a valuable resource for all of those interested in deepening their knowledge in the field of digital-born art, both now and into the future. Make a donation by Saturday June 11th and receive limited-edition desktop wallpaper from artists Francoise Gamma or Travess Smalley.