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part of Sara Ludy, Transience (2011) image essay (originally released on Art Fag City)

Transience, originally released on Art Fag City, is an image essay containing rental-listing photos from Craigslist. The photos were found in April 2011. The 13 sets presented are taken from various locations as Guam, Mankato, Kenai, Quad Cities, Fairbanks, Thailand, Singapore, Cebu, Vancouver, The Virgin Islands, Huntington, Cape Cod, and Treasure Coast. The similarity between so many displaced different locations arise questions about visual globalization of our domestic settings and ways of living. The work 116, 74, 23 is a field recording from Second Life. The title of this recording comes from the specific location in 'Prefab Houses by GALLAND HOMES' where the audio was recorded. The recording is taken from the conversation between two women discussing their avatar appearances while they hang out in a pre-fabricated house. The music in the background, barely perceivable comes from the internet radio station and accompany their conversations. Tiles is a selection of 10 found animated gifs used for online real estate listings. Each gif is repeated as a tiled background, creating a graphical visual pattern. The last work, Transitions, is a selection of 9 amateur You-tube videos that show residential and commercial spaces. Both Tiles and Transitions show random found locations, connected and not to their original spaces. The found images, reverted in a visual manner are able to confuse the spectator and loose its geographical affiliation arising questions of differentiation and cultural identity through the digital representation of the domestic space.