Kickstarter Projects We ❤

In conjunction with Rhizome's brand new curated page on Kickstarter, we are featuring select projects from the site on the blog. If you would like to let us know about your fund raising efforts on Kickstarter, shoot us an email at editor(at)

►INDEX Festival

The Index Festival will transpire in August 2011 in New York City.  Our aim is to bring together individuals and groups who cognitively  engage media culture. We welcome the interdisciplinary, shared and accessible culture we are coming to live in as a result of digital technology. Our mission is to focus on projects that blur the vocabulary of science and art, dissect the media that describes our culture today, and to disseminate out from the [cultural] institution, and further into the multi textural international landscape.

The Index Festival website and blog will offer all the scheduling for this event as it becomes available. However, the project is expanding and the blog will also offer curatorial statements and micro-reviews of individuals we are working with and who we believe are actively engaging the current digital climate. This site will proudly promote these individuals and their work as we believe it necessary to help share and continue thinking and discussing the ways in which media and technology impact our lives.


We are a group of artists organizing the exhibition  will be a combination of curated works and collaborative works created by us as we examine how we manage connections and navigate our lives through real and virtual space.

If you hear a tree fall in a virtual forest, were you there?
A machine is anything that allows us to tremendously exceed the limitations of our bodies. Through the evolution of technology and eventual/inevitable automation we become less dependent on the physicality of our world. The work in this show highlights emotional and practical reactions to the contemporary condition of being super-connected. Each piece will explore a range of expression that moves between the super-visceral and the super-detached.

This collaboration investigates our conventional understanding of proximity; local, regional and global, and how these concepts are changing due to the Internet and New Media. This paradigm of communication has brought into question our conventional understanding of property and the actions that define us as human. In order to ease the tension between people  and technology we will build the virtual world into something tangible and approachable.

►The Imaginary Marching Band

The Imaginary Marching Band is a series of open-source wearable instruments that allow people to create real music through pantomime.

The Imaginary Marching Band proposes a reality where technology helps us interact with the real world in more memorable, unique, and ultimately fun ways. It is also a performance piece, an actual band of skilled musicians who will use these new tools to craft a one-of-a-kind stage experience.

The Band currently consists of six Imaginary Instruments - Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, Snare Drum, Bass Drum, and Cymbals. All six mirror the functionality of their real world counterparts, and can reproduce their full range of notes using MIDI data output from the gloves via USB. This allows them to be used with any audio editing software, from Garageband to Logic to Pro Tools.