The new year's event that Ryan Trecartin and Lizzie Fitch hosted for 2011 circled through info-glut and privacy issues. When guests first arrived, they were greeted by a large LCD screen showing live color surveillance video from nearly every room in the house including the bathrooms.

Upstairs: A green wall. A green couch. A webcam. A surveillance camera. People could sit and see themselves dissociatively watching themselves sitting on the couch, all enshrouded in a celebratory Google search page while projected large in the adjoining Orphanage. Lauren Devine assembled a NIN Fuck Closet closet under the staircase in the club room, complete with bed, matching lover's headphones with top-mounted spotlights playing Nine Inch Nails remixes on loop.

If people tweeted text or photos using #hi11, they would see them projected over live surveillance video of the DIS B6 refresh_forum or the Courtyard respectively. The projections covered the ceilings of the Poop Room (B5), just above towering Ikea-collaged furniture. Above the fireplace mantle, a large LCD monitor displayed the #hi11 website as it scrolled up and down autonomously.

A countdown of every number from 11,000 to 1 moved in and out of the DJ feeds throughout the night, along with the sound of two singers wandering through the party with wireless headset microphones.

#hi11-tech Room List :

Y2: (viewed) : Target-lite : Ambient invite audio track extended mix : Live Vocal Separation
Y1: The Stands
Y??: Outdoor Fastrooms
B1, B2: (viewed) : A Power Sound Situation : Light Design Plus : Bon 11,000 Countdown : Plasma Screen Push : LED Display Retardation : Green Screen Dance Watch : Dual Live Vocalist Auditions : Real Time Announcement Design : NIN Hook-Up Closet (LED sex head-set)
B3: Bath Mic : Rumor Allocation
B4: Map Spot CCTV : Locator View, Open Live Feed Room-shares (Transaction & Exchange) : Dump.fm : riverofthe.net
B5: (Viewed) Turniture Set (Poop Room) : #hi11 hash-tag twitter feed Surveillance-Share : Invite Auto Scroll 2240hill.com : Tools (unplugged & Unabridged) : Transaction Venue Room Search Video
B6: (Viewed) Dis : Refresh Forum : Exotic Vertical Integration
B7: Kitchen Prop : Safe Sex Lossless
C1: (Viewed) Green Screen Orphanage Search/Watch : 11Bed-Formating : Audio Grab
C2: (Viewed) Green Screen Room (View Generator) : Search Engine Celebrations
C3?: Corporate Sun Sets : Bath Room Time share (missed opportunity)
C4: Galleria
C?: (Viewed) Black Light Bubble Bath Room
C5: X
C6: X & File Management
C7?: X / VIP - Bathroom
A1: X
A2: Real House Wives Ancient Display & Feed : Basement Echos Memorized
A3: American Hallway : File-share
A4: Bass Tricks
A5: (Viewed) Ryder Ripps Midi Project (Kickstarter: Preview) : Hot Tub RHW's Feed : Projection Retardations : Piano access & Mic
A6: X : Hardware Storage

#hi11-tech team-in collaboration with Lizzie Fitch/Ryan Trecartin

Nick Scholl: created official #hi11 website and Quartz Composer twitter app (B5)
Ryder Ripps: CCTV, dump.fm screen in lobby, Midi Music, Bass Tricks, Black Light Bathroom, #hi11 gifs, general tech manager & conceptualist (Y2, B1, B2, B3?, B4, B5, C1, C2, C3?, C4, C?, C6, A2, A4, A5, A6)
Sergio Pastor: CCTV, projections, general tech manager & conceptualist (Y2, B1, B2, B4, B5, C1, C2, C6, A2, A5, A6)
Ashland Mines: Power Sound Situation, Audio conceptualist/Manager (B1, B2)
Samuel Cormier: Green Screen, Surveillance Projections (C2, C1, B1, B4, B5)
S. Adrian Massey III: Green Screen (C2, C1, B1)
Ryan Granich: Light Design
Rhett LaRue: #hi11 Animated Text Loops (House)
Zach Rose: Autonomously scrolling web-page javascript installation (B5)
Dena Yego: 2240 Hillhurst Ave Sketch-up File & Maps (B4, +All)
Bon Louthan: Countdown (11,000-) (B5)
Keehnan Konyha + DIS: #hi11 Transaction Venue Room Search Video (B5)
Lauren Devine: NIN Fuck Closet, orphanage manager (B5, C1)
DIS : Lauren Boyle, Solomon Chase, S. Adrian Massey III, Marco Roso, Patrik Sandberg, Nick Scholl, and David Toro (B6 & 'B12')