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Double Hunt (2006-2007) - Seth Price



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Very Interesting

Joan Collins March 18 2011 01:41Reply

Eve, knowing in advance she will go on, invites the city's theatre critics to the theatre that night. The night is a triumph. Eve makes a pass at Bill, but he rejects her. Following a scathing newspaper column by Addison, Margo and Bill reconcile. The couple dines with the Richardses that night and Margo and Lloyd make up. That same night at the restaurant, Eve blackmails Karen into telling Lloyd to give her the part of Cora, threatening to tell Margo of Karen's role in Margo's missed performance. Before Karen can act, Margo announces to everyone's surprise that she does not wish to play Cora and would prefer to continue in Aged in Wood, even being willing to take it on tour. Eve secures the role and attempts to climb higher by using Addison, who is beginning to suspect her veracity. Just before the premiere of her play at the Shubert in New Haven, Eve faces Addison with her next plan—to marry Lloyd after he divorces his wife. Addison is infuriated that Eve has attempted to use him and reveals that he knows her back story is all lies.