Tiny Sketch
the results are in...

Driving through Iceland (2009) - dotlassie

Recently, Rhizome partnered with OpenProcessing to launch Tiny Sketch, an open challenge to artists and programmers to create the most compelling creative work possible with the programming language Processing using 200 characters or less. The submission and voting phases are over and the results are in! We are proud to announce that the winning sketch, as determined by Rhizome's membership, is Driving through Iceland by OpenProcessing user dotlassie. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in Tiny Sketch -- it was a real success and we couldn't have pulled it off without your support. The collection will be on permanent display in two locations; it will exist as a closed archive containing all of the entries that were submitted to the original contest in Rhizome's ArtBase, and as an open collection at OpenProcessing where people can continue to submit sketches that follow the Tiny Sketch rules.