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A Helping Hand from The People at 50K

By Rhizome

To all those who want to participate in The Rhizome 50,000 Webpage but need a little help with graphic tweaking, we've got a new service for you! Because we don't want an unfamiliarity with or dislike of Photoshop or other image programs to deter you from contributing to this special website, we are offering to produce your image for you in-house free of charge. That's right: Send your idea, or an image and the URL you want to promote to 50k@rhizome.org and our staff can format it into the size and corresponding pixel price you desire.

As the online component of Rhizome's spring fundraising drive, this Webpage will provide important funds to the organization during tough times. Already, artists, non-profits, galleries, businesses, entrepreneurial bloggers, hopeless romantics and pranksters have made their mark on what is becoming a colorful representation of the community we support. We hope you'll get involved today!

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M. Leaf-Tierney May 8 2009 12:53Reply

turn the canvas upside down for a couple weeks, although maybe it's a good comment on the current resolution of everyones screen,

maybe you should have made the square area 1280 x 800, or sum such thing, instead of a square, coz we don't have square screens, so whats the point?

most images are going to the top lef

since the question involves making a placement within a frame,


you could derail this somewhat by calling a rotation method, or an inversion/transformation