Creative Capital Announces 2009 Grantees

The Creative Capital Foundation, long supporters of the field of art and technology, just announced their grantees for the 2009 cycle. The non-profit awarded quite a few artists within the "emerging fields" category this year, many of whom Rhizome has worked with or covered in the past. You can read more about their individual projects on Creative Capital's site. For now, we would like to congratulate Matthew Coolidge (Center for Land Use Interpretation), Cesar Cornejo, James Coupe, Beatriz da Costa, eteam, Futurefarmers (Amy Franceschini), Jonathan Meuser and Michael Swaine, Catherine Herdlick, Shih Chieh Huang, Lisa Jevbratt, neuroTransmitter (Angel Nevarez and Valerie Tevere), Richard Pell, Stephanie Rothenberg, Mark Shepard, Karolina Sobecka and Sam Van Aken.

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