The Watermarks Project (2009) - Chris Bodle



Sea levels are rising due to climate change... but how much could they rise and how quickly? And how could this affect the city of Bristol?

Watermarks is a public art project that will use a series of large-scale projections at sites across the centre of the city to explore these questions.

Flood level marks will be projected on to the sides of buildings, showing how high water levels could potentially rise as the sea inundates the central, low lying areas of Bristol. By displaying these levels in real space, the project aims to help us to imagine the depth and extent of this potential future flooding - allowing us to measure them against ourselves in familiar environments.

The complexity and inherent uncertainty involved in predicting sea level rise means there is little consensus across the global scientific community as to how much sea levels could rise in the coming decades. The Watermarks project will use current UK government predictions for the next century to set key flood mark levels.


Via CR Blog