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The World Series Of 'Tubing - Jeff Crouse & Aaron Meyers

Greg J. Smith is a Toronto-based designer with an active interest in the intersection of space and media. He is co-editor of the digital arts publication Vague Terrain and blogs at Serial Consign.

Five 2009 projects that deal with the translation of online experience into environments, events, artifacts and performance.

► World Series of 'Tubing - Jeff Crouse & Aaron Meyers
The everyday action of "favoriting" online media is expanded into a participatory game show (video above). A pair of contestants square off by selecting viral videos from YouTube and this media is "played" in an augmented reality card game where a live audience determines the victor. (see Paddy Johnson's adventures as a contestant)

► What my friends are doing on Facebook - Lee Walton
The ubiquitous status update is used to inspire an ongoing series of charming short videos. Banal announcements, everyday routine and the inhabitation of domestic space make for surprisingly entertaining vignettes. (see Walton's vimeo channel to access the entire series and Marisa Olson's writeup from February)

► WOW PoD - Cati Vaucelle, Steve Shada and Marisa Jahn
An architectural testament to the "shut in" tendencies within MMORPG culture, this project creates a playspace that addresses the needs of the player and their avatar. A built in toilet, cookware and food dispensers are hardwired into the World of Warcraft interface underscoring the dedication/obsession demanded by these types of online communities. (See the video documentation of the piece)

► Bicycle Built For 2,000 - Aaron Koblin and Daniel Massey
Updating the 1962 experiment in speech synthesis by John Kelly, Max Mathews and Carol Lockbaum, this project employs the Amazon Mechanical Turk webservice to outsource the production of molecular elements of the song Daisy Bell. The resulting 2,088 voice recordings are reassembled into a strange, bumbling chorus - is this what the future of labor sounds like? (see Peter Kirn's analysis)

► Are you human? - Aram Bartholl
Riffing on the scrambled aesthetics of the CAPTCHA challenge-response test, this project creates real world artifacts out of online protocol. These text objects are deployed in the gallery, as identity document business cards and (most interestingly) on the street amongst the "urban markup" of tagged surfaces.(see photographs of the sculptural objects in the gallery and out in the wild)

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Marisa Olson Dec. 23 2009 01:18Reply

OMG This is sooo great!!!

AIDS-3D Dec. 23 2009 01:19Reply

Yeah, i dig it.

Cory Arcangel Dec. 23 2009 01:19Reply

Totally cool, good picks. ::nods::

Krist Wood Dec. 23 2009 01:20Reply

Hate it.

Damon Miltos Dec. 23 2009 01:20Reply

Where can I buy some of this stuff?

RAFAEL ROZENDAAL Dec. 23 2009 01:21Reply

Please contact me Damon, I have some.

Guthrie Lonergan Dec. 23 2009 01:23Reply

You guys are retarded.

JMB Dec. 23 2009 01:24Reply

Can we please stay on topic?

Parker Ito Dec. 23 2009 01:25Reply

JMB, did you get my last email? You never got back to me.

Ceci Moss Dec. 23 2009 01:28Reply

Everyone please ignore the comments above, they are all posted from the same account.