Call For Work

Taking as its premise the idea that limitations can catalyze creativity, Rhizome & OpenProcessing co-present Tiny Sketch, a 200 Character Processing Competition that will run until September 13, 2009, 11:59pm.

Tiny Sketch is an open challenge to artists and programmers to create the most compelling creative work possible with the programming language Processing using 200 characters or less.

The winner will be determined by Rhizome's membership through an open vote that will take place between Monday, September 14th to Sunday, September 20th. The winner will be announced on and and awarded a prize of $200.00 (US). All sketches that are submitted to this competition will be included in the collection page and archived collectively in Rhizome's ArtBase.

Rules & Regulations

1. Your sketch code must not exceed 200 characters in length. (Including Spaces)

2. Your sketch must work properly over the internet on a web browser.

3. Your sketch is limited to the core functions of Processing.

4. No external libraries or external files are allowed.